My dev journey

I bought myself The complete 2022 Web Development Bootcamp course by Dr. Angela Yu on udemy, thinking it might be time to actually try to learn some of the stuff that I want to learn to be able to make the things that I want.

I’ve made some small tools in python, like my CSV bank statement reader that reads my downloaded csv files and adds them to a MySQL database. It lets me get all that data into my DB to play with, but a bunch of numbers listed out after an select, is no big win. For that, I could be using Excel instead, then I would be able to do something with the data instead.

That’s where the course I bought comes in. I want to learn how to make my own website with HTML, CSS and Javascript, so that I can try to get what I envision in my head out on the blank canvas of the web.

I’m also looking into setting up adsense, so that I can try to get some monetization out of it in the end.

Stay tuned.
Thank you for the visit.