Wifi and other stuff

So.. I bought myself a usb wifi adapter with detachable antenna so that I can test different antennas and maybe try to build some of my own. I went on ebay and found a cheap one and thought everything was going to be all good since a lot of wifi chipsets are supported in linux..

Well… not mine, not in the kernel atleast. I was lucky to find a blog post with my chipset: http://dustymabe.com/2016/01/24/802-11ac-on-linux-with-netgear-a6100-rtl8811au-usb-adapter/
It also built the module with dkms which is a great way to create loadable modules. My problem now was that I got an error when trying to load the module. I run Fedora 24 on a Dell XPS 15″ (9530) and using uefi secure-boot, so I need to sign the module.

I went to google and I hit gold again. I found a blog from a guy that had to sign a module for vbox and vmware. I read his post and adapted it to what I needed which was the signing part of the post: http://gorka.eguileor.com/vbox-vmware-in-secureboot-linux/

After a reboot I got a boot screen asking me to go through my new keys. I found the new key and approved it and SUCCESS, the driver get loaded when I insert the usb wifi dongle. Great 😀 I might do a complete writeup some time later with every step I did since I’m most likely going to do this on another laptop and maybe on my desktop.


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